Miss (Joan) Chung Sau Kwan, research assistant at the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK), is currently a doctoral student pursuing the Doctor of Applied Language Sciences at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to her doctoral study, she has rich experience in teaching academic writing at OUHK and English Language in local secondary schools. Having earned two master’s degrees (English Language Education and Applied English Linguistics), a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature major), and a Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education (English teaching major) from the University of Hong Kong, she has developed research interests including Intercultural and Professional Communication,Corpus Linguistics, Curriculum & Assessment, Critical Discourse Analysis & English teaching, English Academic Writing and English Literature & Language Arts. Her recent publications include a coursebook 'Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities' for OUHK learners, articles published as The Journal of the Pacific-Circle Consortium for Education, The International Journal of Diverse Identities and The International Journal of Literarcies.